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Overall Course Objective The Internaional Introduction to Securities and Investment provides a comprehensive introducion to the financial services  industry with a specific focus on investments from a global perspecive. It is the first step in the CISI’s qualificaion pathway, and it is taken by many pracitioners as it is the foundation exam for higher level CISI qualificaions. The qualificaion  covers  key financial principles  and products  including  assets and markets, equities, bonds, derivaives, investment funds, reirement planning, loans, mortgages and life assurance. It explores the broader economic environment in which the financial services industry operates and looks at how economic acivity is determined and managed in different economic and political systems. This qualificaion offers a first  introduction to financial services regulaion focusing on financial crime,  insider trading and market abuse, and provides candidates with an understanding of ethical behaviour and acing with integrity.
Overall course Objectives This qualification provides an introducion to the philosophy of Islamic banking and finance and offers an overview of the financial services industry. Developed in conjuncion with the Bahrain Insitute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), with industry experts and pracitioners. You will  learn  about  the  key  Islamic  banking  and  inance  principles  and  concepts  including  Islamic  economics  and  its worldview, infrastructure and history, Islamic business ethics, and Sharia’a and Fiqh principles. It is ideal it is ideal for those wishing to start a career in Islamic banking and inance, or for those wishing to further their studies and research related to this field.
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Overall course Objectives The Fundamentals of Financial Services (FFS) is an important irst step in developing the essential basic knowledge required for working in financial services. It provides a broad overview of the industry and could be your stepping stone to a career in financial services. You will learn about the types of banking and commonly used financial products, such as shares, bonds and insurance. It will provide you with an understanding of financial terminology and enable you to perform important basic calculations.
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Overall Course Objective The Islamic Finance Qualificaion is based on the Islamic banking and its financial system which is a form of ethical-based finance and banking aciviies Islamic banking and its financial system is a form of ethical-based finance and banking acivities that depend on Sharia’a rules and principles, applicable to finance and investments. Therefore, those who wish to be  involved  in banking through  Islamic finance need to have knowledge of those rules and principles of Sharia’a. Islamic finance has had a rapid and continuous growth worldwide, despite the financial crisis of 2008, and has gained attention from internaional financial insitutions, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Islamic finance has also penetrated internaional markets and banks. The rapid evolution of Islamic finance has led to the emergence of experts with a strong foundation and core understanding of Islamic finance and its products in both a theoretical and practical framework.
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Overall course Objectives The  Certificate  in  Corporate  Finance  develops  the  essential  foundation  knowledge  required  to  work  in  the  corporate finance  industry. The syllabus explores corporate finance  legislation, regulation and techniques and provides you with an understanding of how corporate finance transactions are developed to meet client needs.
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