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According   to   the Training   of   trainers   guide   on   financial   literacy   published   by   Bank   Of   Uganda   and   German   Cooperation (GIZ),   Financial   literacy   is   having   the   knowledge,   skills   and   the   confidence   to   manage   your   personal   finances   well considering ones economic and social circumstances; Whereby, The   knowledge   is   understanding   or   having   understood   the   personal   financial   issues   such   as   having   to   pay   school   fees, saving for investment, clothing, loan repayment, paying your medical bill and paying your rent among others. The skill is the ability to apply the knowledge of personal finance management. The   confidence   is   the   feeling   of   being   sufficiently   self   assured   to   make   decisions   relating   to   one’s   personal   finances such as the ultimate decision as regards to the type of investment. Okay,   was   your   perspective   on   financial   literacy   the   same   as   what   you   have   known   now   or   it   was   different?   Share   with us on... In   life   managing   personal   finances   rotates   on   four   core   areas   as   shown   on   our   financial   board   game.   One   has   to   think well on planning, investing, protection and also retirement since we all don’t grow younger but older. On   our   board   game,   we   try   to   arrange   it   in   order   whichever   way   we   begin   with   does   not   matter,   what   matters   is   putting in   mind   that   all   the   core   messages   on   financial   literacy   become   part   of   us. The   more   we   put   up   the   game,   the   more   the message laments in our lives.
We support the development of Financial literacy and inclusion concepts and support with the Implementation and Project Management on behalf of Our Partners. Our trainers have attended the Bank Of Uganda Financial Literacy Training of Trainers Workshop.